2017 Road Masters Video NOW available!

Make sure to watch the awesome video from the 2017 Road Masters of Ergon, available now here. Don’t miss your 15 minutes of fame!


Congratulations to our 2017 Road Masters of Ergon Champions, JB Closner and Eric Schranz!

Great job to all our players, and a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s tournament a success!

Ergon and all of our sponsors welcome you to Austin for our twenty-third year of the RoadMasters of Ergon! As we watch the Masters wrap up, we can start gearing up for our own exciting tournament, where you can tee off with friends, new and old. As always, you can expect beautiful Austin weather, delicious food from Calvin, who is stepping into Kelly’s big shoes to make sure we’re all well fed, and life-long memories! Here are a few from 2016:



Just like last year, we’ll be playing the Road Masters tournament the week following the Masters, with dates of play falling on April 12 & 13. All first day course assignments have been sent out, with the Westcoast drawing Falconhead, so make sure to check your emails and get in touch if you haven’t received any information regarding this. One new thing to keep in mind for this year is that we’re playing in metrics NOT yards, so please don’t forget to switch your rangefinder! You can find information regarding tee times and schedule of events here.

With beautiful weather in Austin, Camp McKemie is flourishing and waiting for all the players to come enjoy it and each other’s company. In preparation for the tournament, we’ve added new walkways and put Wyatt on the welcoming committee! Don’t forget: please try to bring a towel with you if you wish to swim at Camp McKemie (though we’ll have some extras in case you forget).




— High Float