Congrats to this year’s winners, Bill Hogan and Steve Skinner!!

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Ergon and all of our sponsors welcome you to Austin for our twenty-second year of the RoadMasters of Ergon! As with every year, you can expect challenging golfing, a chance to meet new friends and catch up with old ones, great food from Kelley and his team, and an overall splendid couple of days.

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Preparing for the tournament!


We do have a few important changes to the tournament this year that you should note. Most important is the change of dates. In order to give those traveling more time and to work with the Texas Letting, this year the tournament will be held the week following the professional Masters tournament, with dates of play on April 13 & 14. Additionally, we will be awarding prizes to individual teams for winning photos taken during play over the course of practice and tournament rounds.

Austin is gorgeous right now with sunny days and just enough warmth to make the pool at Camp McKemie look inviting. As always, make sure to try to bring a towel with you when you come, as we are limited. Don’t worry though, we have enough to help in case of emergency so you can relax and enjoy exciting play at the RBC Heritage PGA Tournament and highlights from the 2016 Masters (due to the date change, we won’t be able to view the actual Masters tournament play this year).


— High Float