Tournament History

Conceptually, The Road Masters is a golf tournament designed to fill two needs. While not the first time this individual sport has been put into service as a team sport that was the first criteria we intended to meet. Our goal and vision was to make this a team event which meant that only through team-work every shot and every hole counted. Having two-man and/or women team with each player needing to play to his individual handicap puts two men or women needing to play as one, as a team. Different from other team golf events which normally allow a best score or best shot of a team to be used, this event forces both team members to score collectively. So, the first criterion was accomplished by encouraging these teams to depend on each other’s talents and abilities on every hole.

RoadMasters of Ergon - CupThe second piece of the puzzle was just as interesting to put together. That being, making the Road Masters a must attend event for the industry it serves and working towards building the best roads in the world. It required the dedication of many industry individuals that longed for such an event, one that brought friends and corporate supporters together in an environment of synergies and networking abilities. A place where professionals could learn more about the people and companies they work with on a daily basis in a warm and friendly atmosphere. So we came up with a multi-day format that included both golf and social events which give the participants more time and opportunities to spend together while making the golf competition a little more mystic and enjoyable.


Since 1996 Road Hands from all over the country come to Austin to enjoy two days of competition and camaraderie. Starting with a practice rounds, the event moves on to the annual Champions and Future Champions Dinner that night. It continues with the first day of competition with live PGA Masters viewing, posting the days’ scores, and finally cumulates into the final day luncheon and awards ceremony.

All of the week’s events are designed to promote industry networking and team work with a spirit of friendship while reminiscing the day’s activities.


Welcome to the Road Masters of Ergon.