As in past years, we will be providing an online forum for those of you who wish to make a comment, post a concern, or just generally beg for a higher handicap. Through this (upcoming) contact form, your exact musings will be forwarded directly to the powers that be, which include: Myles Mckemie, Beth Roe, David Stroud (Cyborg), and anyone else who is willing to take the time to read what has been written.

While we don’t promise a direct response, we will be inclined to take some of the more juicy comments and post them on this website and in the Road Master News newsletter. So, it’s best you be careful what you write as all comments, good or bad, can and will be used, indefinitely. We especially encourage you to be nice to your partner, as you might need them.

In the meantime, please use the following contact info should you have need of anything pressing:

Phone: (512) 469-9292

Address: Austin, Texas